Robert Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife

Robert Bull is the current Chief Executive Officer to one of Britain’s leading construction and property firms, RoyaleLIfe. The company has a solid reputation for the construction of bungalows that get aimed at persons above age 45. Most Robert Bull clients are looking into retiring soon and need a serene environment and ecosystem to enjoy their retirement.

Through the able leadership of Robert Bull, the company has created and started a culture that has come to be known as the Bungalow lifestyle. The company specializes in developing luxurious and most affordable bungalows set in a gated community in well-chosen secure locations. The purpose of building and designing these houses in a gated community is to allow the senior citizens to interact with each other.

Robert Bull associated his success in constructing bungalows with a scheme he helped pioneer in the construction industry known as the Home Part Exchange Scheme. The project offers RoyaleLIfe customers an opportunity to purchase these houses at the current market price the value of their homes.

The scheme is quite economical for home buyers as it helps in saving the extra cost involved in home buying. For instance, a bungalow would have cost the home buyer approximately 450,000 pounds and sold at relatively 300,000 pounds. The Home Part Exchange Scheme saves potential home buyers around 150,000 pounds.

Such a scheme is quite rare to come across in the property market. Similarly, Robert has made sure that his RoyaleLIfe company has partnered with financial institutions offering credit facilities to their customers to facilitate the property acquisition process.

At RoyaleLife, the entire property acquisition is an open book, and their customers get guaranteed transparency. There is no hidden cost, and the company takes care of unavoidable miscellaneous costs such as estate agents, stamp duty fees, and solicitor fees. Consequently, clients have an opportunity to enjoy and occupy fully furnished bungalows that come equipped and fitted with home appliances that are of high quality. Go Here for related Information.