Michael Capiraso Is The Latest JoggingBuddy Shareholder

For people like Michael Capiraso, joining JoggingBuddy is not only a privilege but also an honor. The man has had a very successful career as a sportsman, something that has made him known across the vast country of the United States. His latest move to join his colleagues and friends at the JoggingBuddy does not come as a surprise. Before joining the team, many people can remember Michael Capiraso for his role in presiding over the operation that led to a successful New York Marathon when he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in charge of New York Road Runners (NYRR), which was given the sole responsibility of ensuring the New York Marathon was a success. Indeed, under his able oversight, the NYM turned a success. Read more

According to Michael Capiraso, working as an advisor at the same time a shareholder at JoggingBuddy is big thing to him. “When I saw the platform, I told myself that this is the one of the most profitable projects I should devote my time to. Led by Tony, the team has been in the forefront of ensuring walking, jogging, and even running for fitness has been given the largest share of time and support. Doing so with my fellow buddies is something that gives me exquisite joy,” Michael Capiraso said regarding the invitation to join his jogging friends at JoggingBuddy.

Known to be a transformational and visionary leader, Michael Capiraso has been involved in a variety of sporting activities across the U.S and supported big and small brands most of which deal with consumer goods that support sports. Some of the brands and activities Michael Capiraso has worked with include Cole, Calvin Klein, WPP, Haan and has also been involved in the organizing tournaments with Major League baseball as well as the elite NFL. When Michael Capiraso was NYRR CEO, the committee’s revenue rose from a meager $50 million to a staggering $100 million.

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