Tim Murawski Career Overview

Tim Murawski  is the chief commercial officer and president of Augmedics. The company has its headquarters in Chicago and develops medical devices. These devices help spinal surgery through augmented reality. Tim Murawski has been in business leadership for a long time, and he is also a biotechnology specialist. He joined the Augmedics in June 2019.


Up to now, Tim Murawski  has been in leadership roles for various medical device companies before joining Augmedics, where he was a leader. The successful businessman and entrepreneur Tim Murawski led Mazor Robotics for around ten years. He was in charge of multifaceted roles for Caesarea, an Israel medical device firm. His first job at Major was as the director of regional sales. Later he became the regional account manager. In January 2016, Murawski became the Vice President of the U.S accounts, where he served for 18 months. 


In August 2017, Tim Murawski joined the global renaissance business as the vice president. Murawski was vital to Mazor as his leadership saw the growth of the company before its acquisition in 2018 by Medtronic for $1.6 billion. His career began after graduating from university at a chemical company dealing with research and development. Tim Murawski has had an essential impact on the field of surgical robotics. He was a key figure at Intuitive Surgical having helped the firm grow its robotic surgery market. He has been in various medical robotics firms and facilities, making him one of the important persons in the field. Tim Murawski  is a resident of Chicago, having been born in the area.