Who is Tim Murawski? What Makes Him Unique In The Line Of Medicine?

Millions of people work as medical professionals globally. However, some have been incredibly instrumental in leading their organizations to more success than others. One of the people that stands out in helping their companies is Tim Murawski. He is the president and chief commercial officer of Augmedics, an organization that manufactures medical devices to help surgeons offer better treatments to patients suffering from spinal complications. Tim Murawski joined the medical profession sometime back. 


Shortly after graduating from Western Illinois University with a degree in operations management, he started when Baxter International hired him. While there, Tim was the most valuable person for the company. That earned Tim Murawski promotions to a better position within a short period. At one time, he was tasked with managing the Needleless Iv products sales wing. The products were in high demand to help curb the spread of HIV/AIDS among medical professionals.


He later applied for a job in yet another high profiling company General Surgical Innovations, in Cupertino, and was successful. While there, he rose fast through the ranks from a territory manager to becoming the western region sales manager. In 2000 he was hired by Intuitive Surgical as an accounts manager only to be promoted to a sales director. Tim Murawski later worked with Mazor Robotics for ten years and was instrumental in various discoveries. He joined Augmedics in 2019. His prowess in marketing and grasp of technology relating to medicine have been vital to disrupting the industry, which has remained untapped for decades.