Larry Baer: A Leader in Sports Management

Larry Baer, the Giants CEO is the heart and soul of the Giants organization. The sheer passion for the Giants gives the organization its identity and allows the team to be first in all aspects of the business. Team ownership comprises a wide range of professionals working to improve the fan experience, manage the business of baseball, and provide quality entertainment for the fans. Members of the family are elected or appointed to represent the family’s interests concerning the assets. The shift to a team president model is a positive and necessary change for Giants baseball.

It lets the SF Giants CEO focus on the business of baseball while working in concert with and on behalf of a solid and robust ownership group. Still, he is also known as one of the most caring and committed San Francisco Giants family members.

Larry Baer’s leadership and counsel have been of tremendous value to us, and we are grateful for the time and consideration he has given us. His collaborative nature and his understanding of the human side of our business, combined with his talent, allow us to continue to succeed in all areas of the business,” said late Peter Magowan.

“Larry’s approach to running this franchise is reflective of his passion for Giants baseball and community. The ballpark will celebrate its opening season in April of 2019. Construction on Oracle Park will continue into 2019, with the first big milestone being the fall opening of the Oracle Community Plaza in January of 2019.

SF Giants CEO has proven to be the heartbeat of the Giants, a figurehead for the organization’s business and baseball operations, and with a clear vision for the future. At the organization’s helm, Baer’s passion, vision, and keen business sense have inspired the team’s stakeholders.

Under the SF Giants CEO leadership, the Giants have been national sports and entertainment success story and the finest franchise in professional sports. Under Larry Baer’s leadership, the Giants have been a national sports and entertainment success story. Read this article for additional information.


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