The Most Successful Companies Embrace Diversity And Inclusivity, Richard DeVaul Explains

In one of his latest pieces of work, Richard DeVaul critically focuses on how diversity is essential for business entities to achieve greater goals. Richard gives a perfect example of one of the leading streets food in the United States, tacos al pastor as an illustration.

The restaurant that is popularly known for its art in cooking marinated pork has registered a steady growth since its establishment. Richard notes that when a massive number of Lebanese immigrants inhabited Mexico, they came with an Arab version of a dish famously known as Shawarma. Later in the 1960s, their children born in Mexico started their restaurants that sought to combine Mexican cuisine and their heritage. This lead led to the birthing of tacos.

Richard DeVaul depicts that it may be extremely difficult to quantify how diversity directly affects innovation. Companies that have adopted inclusive and diverse cultures often have a competitive edge over their nobles. In the quest to ascertain that groups that have embraced social diversity are more productive and innovative than homogenous ones, economists, research firms and demographers set out to conduct research.

In the year 2019, the famous wall street journal ranked both the individual companies and corporate sectors in its S&O 500 index based on their inclusivity and diversity. It was noted that the top 20 companies vehemently embraced inclusivity and diversity in their companies.

He is the Co-founder and Head of Venture Production at Kei Ventures. The company is located in San Francisco, California. Other than his admirable position at Kei Ventures, Richard is also a renowned Chief Technical Officer, an innovation professional, and a scientific researcher.

He also possesses expansive executive and operational experience with several decades of hands-on engineering. Richard DeVaul also has a covetable education background as he is a holder of a Ph.D. and M.S of MIT Media Lab (Toshiba Fellow). Read more about DeVaul, here.


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