PosiGen and Solar Energy of the Future

PosiGen is a solar power company that is working hard to make solar energy available to everyone. Two of their four pillars are making solar power available to low-income families and communities, especially communities of color. PosiGen wants to help families save on their energy costs. Who needs that more than low-income families or families living in low-income communities. Helping make solar energy available to those who need to save money the most.

The money they saved can go right back into the economy, helping to revitalize poor communities that truly need it. PosiGen offers job opportunities to those same communities. More than 65% of their workforce is women and people of color. PosiGen is working hard to make a difference in the environment by keeping prices affordable so that more people will use solar energy, which is much cleaner for the environment than other forms of energy (Kresge). 

After the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, PosiGen solar power company realized that lower-income families needed a way to rebuild their homes in a complete way. Most of what was available was only advantageous to wealthier families. Fortunately, PosiGen decided to help them do it. PosiGen wanted to give customers the options to decide what kind of energy to use and how much to spend on it to help control their energy costs. To do this, PosiGen set up a leasing plan that provides maintenance and monitoring, low monthly costs or fixed payments, and the best components for their customer’s needs.

They set up a two-directional meter. If a family’s solar panels are meeting, making more energy than they currently need, it is sent out to help provide energy to others in the grid, and the homeowner gets credits that can be used later if needed. Families can decide whether to lease or to purchase. Leasing at PosiGen has some added value of easy monthly payments with no minimum credit score. They also get energy efficiency upgrades as they become available, and their system is monitored at no extra cost. PosiGen is one of the best ways to get solar energy for your home, including installation and maintenance.