Why John Ritenour is Educating Customers about Risks in the Market

Working in the insurance business is one of the risky businesses that one can ever consider. However, John Ritenour believes that he has a calling of working in the insurance industry and making sure that most of the risks are covered. His main aim is to make sure that the customers are not facing the risks and uncertainties in the industry because they are already covered, and they have bought an insurance policy to address such issues.

However, there are very many issues that John Ritenour has been facing as he tries to provide insurance coverage to his customers in the market. There is the fact that most of them only see the risks that are on the surface. This is something that has been very common for many years, where customers only tend to see the risks that everyone else can easily say and assume that such risks are not serious.

John Ritenour makes sure that all his customers have a basic understanding of the role of the insurance company in covering most of the risks that are facing most of the organizations. Insurance organizations are not only covering the risks that everyone else can see. They are also working hard to handle other risks that most of the customers cannot see because they are not versed in the risk mitigation sector.

Therefore, John Ritenour has to ensure he is always analyzing the blind spots to determine other additional risks that are not on the surface. After evaluating and discovering such risks. He must communicate them to the customers so that they can make decisions. In his case, John is working as a risk manager rather than an insurance salesperson. This helps him to cover some real challenges that are facing most of the companies that have been operating in the market for very many years.