PosiGen Leads In Transforming People’s Lives

There is no doubt that solar is a workable commodity for all houses. Depending on one’s priorities, one could decide whether to buy on cash, lease or have a monthly plan for buying. The locality is also another first essential, and analysis of geographical bounds and natural resources is first done with an expert. After this analysis, the owner has advised me to purchase an informed personal decision (Apnews). 


The light of day for PosiGen happened after the horrific strike of Hurricane Katrina. After the devastating ordeal, most New Orleans people were left homeless with property worth millions of dollars destroyed. Without despair, New Orleans sought to rebuild better, affordable and efficient houses. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart explains that more than ten organizations were put in place to cater to the reconstructions, but they were accessible for the wealthy class on realization. With the more significant population of New Orleans made up of middle to low financial class families, they could not access these initiatives.


With this gap, PosiGen founders culminated in how they would assist them in re-establishing their lives and homes—posing modified and established solar savings structures whereby the people would get to save money for the solar system and install it. This savings sale model assured the community that they would have power in their homes at the lowest cost and, consequently, increase their savings. PosiGen’s focus is on providing the best customer relationship, product and services in the best economic and environmental way. Within no time, PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart points out, reputation and the firm grew in New Orleans and the neighboring locations. PosiGen’s customer-centric goals on saving to the last coin for their clients meant that they were elevating their lives. In addition, Posigen provided the people with employment, especially to the people of color, thus earning them money to support and invest in other establishments, businesses and even technology.