QNET Revolutionizing Business And Direct Selling Scope

QNET has for a long time been labelled as a scam online. But is this true? Well, QNET is a renowned e-commerce company that encompasses distributors and customers globally. A wide range of the company’s distributors, well-known as Independent Representatives, have expanded their footprints in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company is essentially nurturing a well-curated reputation and augmenting direct selling to various countries with no clue on this type of sales model. Indeed, the e-commerce based direct selling company brings forth a breadth of resources for aspiring start-up entrepreneurs.

QNET is not a scam as many individuals perceive it to be. Instead, the company provides sellers with high-end products and services. The company is centered on a modern and innovative approach that merges two popular industries, e-commerce and direct selling. Most interestingly, QNET brings forth in-depth training programs for various IRs to ensure they encompass a breadth of skills and expertise to maximize the opportunities tabled to them. These programs also play a fundamental role in ensuring direct sellers adhere to the company’s core values and strict ethical practices. QNET was initially known as GoldQuest, focusing on few collections of collectable gold coins and limited-edition numismatics. Over the years, the self-sustaining company has expanded its product blueprints to transform the e-commerce platform.

In 2010, the company redefined its name from GoldQuest to QNET. QNET is among the few companies having an escalated direct selling success graph. Sure, this endeavor has made it effortless for distributors to order products as per the local demand within their area. However, many individuals have questioned the validity of this business model. Well, QNET stands out to teach individuals about various principles of selling. In addition, the company flaunts many years of experience within the direct selling ecosystem. See this page on LinkedIn, for additional information.


For more information about them on https://www.directsellingnews.com/qnet-partners-with-suppliers-for-ethically-sourced-and-sustainable-products/