Greg Blatt, The SF Giants CEO Who Loves Nature

Greg Blatt is a great American Chief Executive Officer with substantial experience and skills in the technological industry. After completing his undergraduate degree in English, he traveled the world, and did many menial jobs including bartending, and painting to meet his basic needs, before deciding to enroll in a law school. He admits that attending a law school in Columbia was the best decision he has ever made in life. The knowledge he attained from the Law school taught him a lot on critical thinking, and he calls it ‘an athletic training for the brain’.

Greg Blatt admits that his greatest accomplishment so far is his ten-year tenure in holding the senior roles of CEO and chairman at IAC. He has also practiced entertainment law, and worked as a counsel, in addition to practicing with Match Group and Tinder, IAC’s largest subsidiaries.

While holding these honorable positions, Greg Blatt managed to capitalize on the growing industry ensuring its continued relevance in the ever-transitioning tech world. Greg Blatt admits that he has a wandering spirit, flexible to change, and that he loves nature. He took lots of time living in tents, just to get close to the mountains, and nature’s beauty during his break from the English school.

Greg Blatt once took a job at an entertaining law firm where he thankfully met their client, Martha Stewart, who asked him to be the general counsel of her company that was on the verge of going public. Greg Blatt worked closely with Martha, and gained substantial experience for four years until the colleagues he formerly worked with at M&A recommended him for the position of a VP general counsel at IAC. See this page for additional information.

Blatt spent ten years at IAC working specifically for their dating site companies. In a nutshell, he admits that he tries to remain open to each and every opportunity that comes his way, and trusts his conscience in making decisions on the path to take.


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