Richard Liu: The Unexpected Billionaire

Since Richard Liu Qiangdong founded his business in 2004, it has gone through several name changes and has become what is now referred to as and is known by millions.

Qiangdong’s great success is a mystery to most, but a quick look into his backstory easily brings to light that he was destined for greatness.

He grew up a small town in China that didn’t have the conveniences that most Americans enjoy today such as clean water and power. The unfortunate thing is that his family came from very rich Chinese businessmen who moved products on the Yangtze river over a century ago. However, his family had managed to use up and lose control of all their financial accumulation before Liu Qiangdong was even born. They were forced to make a living working the land and selling rice.

While his parents were hard at work in the field to provide for the family, Richard’s grandmother was in charge of watching and taking care of him. His grandmother instructed him on positive thinking and helped him see how he could make the most out of any situation in which he was placed. He aided his grandmother in regular chores around the house such as cooking and cleaning. See this page for additional information.

One day he went to the market with her, and he watched as his grandma had to twist the arm of the butcher with a little bribe so that she could get the plumpest pork to feed her family. It was here that Richard dreamt of being wealthy not just so that he could get the best pig, but so that he could have enough money to buy food for everyone and help people have what they need. Richard Liu had a heart of gold, and some say that is why he ended up wealthy.


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