Krishen Iyer Has Some Solid Advice for People Worried About Speaking at Meetings

Krishen Iyer is no stranger to business meetings. He’s the owner and founder of MAIS Consulting. A position like that means knowing how to communicate with and motivate people under a wide variety of different conditions. It’s clear that his approach to motivation works. He took the first company he created, MNP Insurance, into the Inc. 5000 list. Of course this raises an important question: how does Krishen Iyer motivate people? Thankfully, this is easily answered. Iyer has explained that optimizing one’s public speaking skills can do wonders for business meetings. 


Iyer cautions that difficulty with public speaking can hold people back in the business world. When we worry too much about what our coworkers think we can end up holding back the ideas which would let us rise to the top. He advises businessmen to take time to frame the concepts you want to talk about before speaking. According to Krishen Iyer, instead of blurting out the idea it’s best to offer a sound introduction to it. We need to explain to people why the idea is important and what problems it’ll solve. 


Iyer goes on to advise people to go into more depth about their perspective. However, this too needs to work with framing devices. Public speaking requires people to expand upon their ideas. But it should also stick to a frame, much like a table of contents in a paper. Finally, Krishen Iyer advises people to open up the floor for input after their speech has concluded. This gives us perspective on what people thought of the idea. And it also gives a chance to get solid feedback to further hone ideas. All of this has helped Iyer rise to the top of his field. 


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