What You Need to Know About Hauser Insurance in Covering Tax Liability

Hauser Insurance is a privately owned company that offers various insurance services including, employee benefits, risk management and insurance solutions. It was started in 1971 and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hauser Insurance focuses on family-owned industrial companies and organizations, multinational corporations and publicly traded retail companies and private equity firms. In addition, Hauser offers insurance brokerage and transactional support to all types of businesses, from small start-ups, medium-sized to large corporations.

Hauser Insurance protects a company’s or business’s investments by increasing the insurance coverage value at each level. Hauser has experience working with various transactional structures in every organization, such as recapitalization, growth equity, bankrupt or distressed organizations, minority investments, etc. Hauser has a strong working team that understands the different unique technicalities that arise during an acquisition transaction. Hauser has more than 500 working employees.

As of 2020, Hauser Insurance has carried out 200 transactions and served more than 70 private equity firms in all 44 states across the United States. Hauser operates in several states across the US including, New York City, Kansas City, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Atlanta and Chicago. Hauser Insurance provides tax liability insurance. Tax liability insurance is always offered when a potential tax exposure or indemnity exists. Tax liability insurance plays a vital role in businesses experiencing known risks or potential tax exposure.

A tax liability insurance policy is necessary during the closing of a merger or a business acquisition. Tax liability differs in terms of cost and exclusions depending on the requested coverage. For this particular reason, the insurer ought to analyze pre-quotation legal tax and a factual, relevant summary. Due to the technicalities involved during business transactions, tax liability insurance is a necessity to taxpayers.

As the number of tax liability insurance clients in the markets continues to increase, tax liability coverage will be needed in the future.

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