Luke Lazarus: Entrepreneur Par Excellence

Venturing into entrepreneurship as an 8-year old and successfully managing four companies gives Luke Lazarus a unique perspective on business management.

Lazarus is a serial entrepreneur and an excellent corporate leader.

Drawing from his vast experience, he is dedicated to helping new business owners understand the intricacies of management.

After selling his four companies, he founded Luke Lazarus Consulting, where he currently serves as the chief executive officer.

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The Sydney-based consulting firm specializes in offering management and entrepreneurship advisory services.

The seasoned entrepreneur mentors executives and budding corporate leaders on various issues, including brand building and marketing.

Lazarus also specializes in building client relationships by creating memorable and relatable stories.

He believes that businesses should focus on the big picture to achieve operational and financial success.

Luke Lazarus encourages business owners to embrace outsourcing to plug in skill gaps and free up time for other duties.

He also advises his clients to seek external funding from investors.

Lazarus believes that investors can inject much-needed funds into a business.

Focusing on branding can improve company image, driving shoring its value during IPO and acquisition.

Luke Lazarus not only focuses on helping new businesses break even.

His firm also helps struggling companies rebrand, re-strategize, and revitalize.

He encourages firms to embrace mobile payments, voice recognition, and social media to streamline operations.

Lazarus also views these technologies as essential communication tools in the 21st century.

He uses various social media platforms to disseminate management strategies while sharing his inspiring journey.

Luke Lazarus’s stellar career is hinged on a solid academic background and unwavering desire for success.

He excelled in high school, graduating among the top students in his class despite juggling education with managing his business.

He graduated with a Master of Business Education from Melbourne Business School.

Lazarus is a philanthropist who funds several causes within the local community.

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