In the technology industry, Greg Blatt is considered to be one of the people having great expertise. He began this journey as a lawyer and has had a change in his career more than once. Within the IAC company, he has served in most senior positions and always ensured it was at par with the technological transformation of the world. Greg’s career path includes him shifting from one to the other. After getting his undergraduate degree, he took some years to travel across the globe to gain newer experiences. In the process, he made an application to join law school in Columbia and succeeded. Through law school, he acquired essential life skills that have come quite handy for his career path.

After graduating from law school, Greg was lucky enough to secure a job with one of the leading law firms based in New York. The job at the law firm turned out to be quite demanding, and after some time, Greg started being hesitant on whether he still wanted to proceed working as a lawyer. Therefore, he chose to work at a law firm involved in entertainment to be a ladder of getting to his dream career as a screenwriter. While working with the law firm, he became pretty close with one of his clients, Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart requested Greg to work as a General Counsel for her company which was just on the verge of going public.

After working with Martha for four years, Greg got recommended to be the VP at IAC. For the next ten years, Greg worked at IAC company, and he firmly believes that he will always utilize any opportunity that presents itself throughout his life. Greg Blatt says that even though IAC offered him the same job as he had while working for Martha Stewart, the magnitude was much higher.

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