Data Systems International Introduces A New Platform To Improve Inventory Management Operations

In a recent press release, Data Systems International® announced that the latest version of their software and inventory platform, Cloud Inventory, is now available to meet the needs of their customers. With this new update, DSI®’s existing system has been transformed into “micro applications” that can be tailored to meet any need within an organization.

This means that all of the core principles of Cloud Inventory remain unchanged, but all options are open for customization. With the help of these micro applications, DSI® is able to offer its customers a wide range of products or services that can be easily integrated into their existing system. In response to user and business demand for faster inventories and more cost-effective inventory processes, DSI Global® has developed micro applications for Inventory Optimization and Inventory Replenishment. With these new modules, customers can perform their inventories more efficiently than before and update data in real time with little or no latency.

The company has also launched two new programs that support the post-sales service side of Cloud Inventory Platform. The “Sales Execution” solution helps companies improve the accuracy of data from multiple channels, while Supplier Performance Management helps customers reduce overall costs and improve supplier performance across departments.

Why is Cloud Inventory unique?

Cloud Inventory was previously a subscription-based service that operated on an annual commitment. However, due to the popularity of the new programs, DSI® has changed its subscription model to a monthly service. This allows all users with a single-user license to use these programs as long as they stay on a monthly subscription plan. Refer to this article for additional information.

About Data Systems International® (DSI)

Data Systems International is the leading provider of supply chain and retail solutions for large enterprises and institutions around the world. The company’s cloud solutions for inventory and supply chain management work hand-in-hand to provide customers with a comprehensive business intelligence platform.


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