Inspired to Succeed – Haroldo Jacobovicz

Being invested in communication and internet sectors for over 20 years, entrepreneur Haroldo Jacobovicz initially started from humble beginnings working to become a civil engineer like his parents in his hometown of Curitiba in Brazil. Wanting to make life better through his actions, Harold Jacobovicz changed directions when he found the IT field could help users in their day-to-day lives. Focused on automation and efficiency, the college-aged Jacobovicz partnered with his dorm mates to pitch their trademark Microsystems to aid in inventory needs for small businesses. Unfortunately, the endeavor stalled out in being accepted, but Haroldo Jacobovicz pressed on and looked to learn from his efforts while finding a redirect for his energy towards helping people. This search brought him to the attention of Exxon Mobil, then Esso, who saw the civil engineer from Curitiba as carrying the perfect mix of skills and attitude to lead in their project development. Picked from the hiring pool, Haroldo Jacobovicz rose until he headed the company's marketing and business development divisions. While the position was rewarding, Harold felt he was more suited to founding companies than working for one, so he entered the public sector as Horizon Telecom, providing major networking solutions for major Brazilian infrastructure providers.

Founded in 2010, the company would grow in the next decade and develop a center point for the Horizon data network. This growth fits in line with Jacobovicz's principle of valuing interaction with the individuals involved in the business model. This guideline includes customers and their employees, whose interaction each day promotes brainstorm new ideas for future development.

The communications pioneer is happy to acknowledge being blindsided and obstructed while starting with a small company of four but credits his perseverance and learning to his current success in public communication networking. When asked how to achieve success, Haroldo dismisses pure luck and instead urges adhering to learning, hard work, and opportunity.

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