John Ritenour Establishes And Spearheads The Success Of IOA

John Ritenour comes from a small town in Pennysliivia named McKeesport. He was born in the 1950s from a humble background. He is the chief executive officer and establisher of the Florida-based insurance company called Insurance Office of America. While working within the company, the skills earned helped him improve his managerial skills as a businessman, Entrepreneur, and investor. He learned how to handle business and what it takes to spearhead the growth of these firms. The practical skills have been integral towards the success of several firms, including IOA. Ritenour has won several awards for his significant work, including the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Symetra Eloise Tours Trainor Award.

After his high school education, he got employed in a steel mill firm. He has a great passion for business and later decided to join his brother in running the bakery business. The company, unlike the expectations of many, did not thrive. It’s after then that John decided to venture into insurance. He started as a salesperson before thinking of opening his business. It was during his hustle that he developed essential practical skills that helped him navigate well in entrepreneurship. John Ritenour and Valli wedded in 1963 and are a happy couple.

After marriage, John Ritenour decided to relocate with Valli to Florida, establishing the IOA company. Valli is a loving wife who supports John in his entire career venture. He is also a great fanatic of sports, especially basketball and baseball. The establishment of IOA company has contributed to streamlining many lives in Florida by providing over 600 job opportunities.

Establishing IOA provided insurance coverages to several sports clubs, organizations, firms, and individuals. This is also a step to reduce the extra costs incurred without having insurance coverage.

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