The Tech Guy: Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame is the type of person who has always liked technology and what it can do. He started working on the internet at the age of fifteen and has never looked back. He is the type of person who wants to forge ahead with the next idea.

He is now the head of a company called Citizen App. It is not the watch company; it is an app that can be used to call emergency services when needed and keep people safe at the same time. He talked about his vision with Ideamensch in a recent interview.

Andrew Frame says that he has always wanted to run his own business. When he came up with Citizen in 2017 he wanted to help people. Andrew Frame created an app that can make sure emergency services can get where they need to go in order to help people and keep them safe. The app has the location of where the person is so that paramedics and other services can find them quickly. That was his inspiration when it came to creating the app.

Andrew Frame lives in Los Angeles and likes to do his work early in the morning. He says that it is the best time of day for him. He can get the most done and think of new ideas. He also has meetings and emails during the day as well. It is not all work for him though. He likes to make homemade meals, dance, and read books of literature or poetry. It is the perfect way for him to unwind after a busy day.

That is a day in the busy life of Andrew Frame. He likes that each day is different and a challenge. That is why he loves to push forward with new ideas each day. Refer to this article to learn more.


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