Yubo Helps Gen Z Users With Mental Health During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the imprisonment of millions of people, making it impossible for them to communicate with family and friends. A large portion of the world’s population experienced elevated anxiety and stress due to this social isolation and the fear of contracting the virus. Yubo, a social live-streaming app, became a beacon for many Gen Z users by becoming the platform of choice for mental health and wellbeing initiatives during this astronomical social media use.

Because Yubo is non-performance-based, it provides Gen Z with an environment where they are not compelled to “like” or “follow” other people, protecting them from the numerous harmful effects of social media on their mental health. Learn more about how Gen Z used Yubo to navigate the mental health and wellbeing crisis.

In January 2022, McKinsey & Company interviewed and surveyed United States consumers to compile the study results. Even though the pandemic began nearly two years ago, every generation suffers some degree of social and emotional deterioration.

However, Gen Z survey respondents reported higher anxiety, nervousness, and stress levels than other generations. In particular, this hard-hit cohort from middle school to young professionals has been particularly impacted by the epidemic’s adverse mental health effects. One in four survey respondents reported being emotionally distressed, compared to one in five Gen X and Millennials who said the same thing.

In September 2021, an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll surveyed 3,764 people between 13 and 56. Even though McKinsey and Company’s poll mirrored the result, the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll mirrored the result. Because of the pandemic, more 13-24-year-old Americans reported that it had made it harder to achieve their career and educational goals than the McKinsey and Company poll results. In addition, half of the Gen Z respondents said they were having trouble staying close with friends and loving connections.

The APA also commented on the pandemic’s generational consequences. In 2021, the APA said that adults would have the most difficulty making crucial decisions in the future. Compared to Millennials and Generation X respondents, a higher proportion of respondents aged 13 to 24 reported that the pandemic hindered their career and educational goals. Moreover, almost half of Gen Z respondents said they had trouble maintaining friendships and romantic relationships.

Yubo’s goal is to make mental health care accessible to its users worldwide. Yubo’s live chat sessions feature “Ranting Lives,” where users can discuss their problems and difficulties in an open forum and connect with others who are also struggling. Yubo constantly provides resources and develops interventions to support Gen Z in mental health care. Yubo’s live chat sessions feature “Ranting Lives,” where they can discuss their problems and difficulties and connect with other people who share the same problems. In addition to the Millennial and Generation X survey results, the number of young people who said they had a more challenging time achieving their educational and career goals rose due to the pandemic. Yubo’s live chat sessions also include “Friendship and Relationship Keeping,” Respondents are asked about their difficulties keeping friendships and relationships.