Steve Lesnard – Sephora

Steve Lesnard is the Chief Brand Officer at Sephora. He is an expert at developing and building brands and growing businesses. Steve’s previous experience working for luxury outdoor clothing companies made him knowledgeable about the psychology of marketing and brand strategy. Esteemed athletic brands take the consumer’s mental state into account. Steve shares insight into how companies adapt products based on how the customer feels. He emphasizes the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The ideal lifestyle affects brand identity. Brand innovation can sometimes be disruptive to markets. Steve explains how company innovation teams should calculate brand risks to please target consumers. He discusses the effect of using social influencers to sell products. He compares an athlete’s risk assessment to that of a brand manager.

Steve Lesnard explains that technological innovations have been made based on observing the needs of the consumer. Considering the customer is imperative to identify the most beneficial opportunities for progress. In addition to observation, innovation teams can use technology to track product usage through reviews. Paying attention to the needs of the community you serve will help companies make the best innovations. Understanding the consumer journey gives insight into the product’s value and points needing improvement. Brands that have aligning values can benefit from collaborations. Chief Brand Officer at Sephora Steve Lesnard emphasizes the advantage of effectively reaching target communities. Engaging consumers has never been so simple. It is crucial to stay in touch with the needs of the people who use your products.

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